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2XU: A Running Revolution


2XU is a performance brand developed by athletes for athletes, offering apparel that is creating the biggest revolution since the invention of the running shoe. 2XU stands for “Two Times You”, and its philosophy is to create products which will advance human performance.

The mission was to create a documentary style video, no more than two minutes, telling the runner that this legging will save their legs. The story is told through the voice of an ultra runner, Jackie Ho, who runs 50k to100k races across the nation. The video is about the culture and feeling of running, the pain you feel pushing boundaries and the joy once you do. The documentary-style film captures the edge, the intensity and the passion shared by runners of all levels. Whether someone is running 5 kilometers or 50, the client wanted to show how 2XU tights are shaking up the world of running and moving people.

"What if you can keep going? What can happen? There’s Nothing Better than Feeling Like you left Everything out There. I will always keep going."

- Jackie Ho

Zooppa, a social network for creative talent, reached out to me to participate in the 2XU project. It was a challenge because quick turn around, but I knew I could gather a crew to make something great. Creatively, we were tasked to create a documentary but wanted to makes sure it had that commercial luster. I decided on using the RED Scarlet-W with Zeiss compact prime lenses. This camera is used on many popular movies and tv shows. With it’s high dynamic range and amazing sensor, it produces high quality imagery that was great to tell our subject’s story and show off the product. Another creative angle we took was to juxtapose stabilized, smooth, tracking, gimbal shots with handheld tracking shots of our subject running. When edited together, the balance of smooth and rugged ultimately provides the feeling of the highs and lows of this intense sport.

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