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Hellbender Brewing Company


Hellbender Brewing Company is a brewery that opened their doors to D.C. in 2014. Inspired by the endangered Hellbender salamander, Hellbender Brewing produces some of the best beer in the D.C. metro area and proudly brews with a Meura mash filter to save on water and materials.

"Our goal at Hellbender Brewing is to make great beer with a focus on being environmentally friendly "

- Ben Evans

Hellbender Brewing needed a website when they opened their doors in 2014. I was honored to help design one of their first websites and promote their brand and amazing beer. Since Hellbender was inspired by the Hellbender salamander and their early branding approach showcased the salamander front and center in their logo, I decided to choose earthy tones for the website’s color palette. The cool color choices created a calming feel and complimented the copper beer tones which was great for the look of the site. I also chose to use subtle organic textures and a handwritten font which really gave the website a natural look. Hellbender Brewing also wanted to promote how they brew beer with a Meura mash filter that limits waste so I illustrated the process in a pen and sketch style to fit naturally in the site.

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