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Revocharge is an innovative technology firm located in Northern Virginia. Their mission is to bring new technology to the market through inventions and products that people actually need and want to use. Revocharge developed a battery pack to place on the back of a cell phone and give the phone more battery life. They also developed accessories where the phone can just click on and not have to be plugged in. To promote this new device we decided to create something quirky and fun.

"Smartphones aren't so smart when it comes to life expectancy."

When approaching the script, I wrote dialogue that was quick and playful. I wanted the viewer to feel good when viewing this product. Creatively, we had to show battery life on the phone, and I didn’t always want to cut to the phone screen. We designed a couple icons that could be tracked to the movement of the phone so that the viewer could easily see how the battery was operating and not slow down the pace of the video. I wrote a couple of scenarios on how phones fail and put our subject in a couple different environments in script. However this video was filmed in one location over two days. We were able to dress different rooms to look like multiple locations and create a larger looking scope for the project without blowing the budget.

The overall goal of the project was to promote Revocharge and their new product. The final video was used on Kickstarter to gain the funds needed to keep production flowing.

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