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Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania, is one of the oldest Catholic universities in the country, and the oldest dedicated to Franciscan values. The university is an inclusive learning community that welcomes all people. The SFU promo video allows an inside look at St. Francis University and what it’s like to be apart of the university community. From academics and athletics to the traditions that founded the university, the viewer will experience the ideas and truths that make up the institution.

"It’s Our roll to Help Those Students Become that Person that they are meant to be. Part of it Means Become who you are, who God is Asking you to be. "

- Fr. Malichi Van Tassel, T.O.R, Ph.D.

The team and I had to create a tone that was upbeat and inspirational that also showcased a stellar educational institution. To accomplish this we decided to stabilize the camera with shots locked-off on a tripod, slider or gimbal. We also chose to use the RED Scarlet-W camera with Canon Cinema Prime lenses which are used on many movies and commercials. The high quality images and smooth camera movements create a professional and polished look. Time lapse and arial photography with a drone is the touch that helps to create the scope the client wanted. The interview with the university’s president, which served as the narrative of the video, was filmed on a dana dolly where the camera slides smoothly back and forth. This subtle camera movement creates a very scholarly feel and proves to be a great addition to the interview. The interview questions were also a part of a strategy to pull new messaging for the university. “Become that someone” is a quote taken from the interview and is now used on all SFU materials.

The goal of the final product is to allow a perspective students and their parents/guardians a look inside the spirit of St. Francis University.  This work, not only captures the physical beauty of the campus, but goes on to illustrate the passion and Franciscan values that make up the SFU community. The video was promoted on the website as well as social media, the school’s magazine and regional broadcast spots.

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